Selected publications

“Flowers and other flowers”
PoemCity 2023 and PoemCity Anthology: 2023 • April 2023 (Print)

“fallings” and “once”
boats against the current, issue I • November 2022 (Print)

Plums” and “[In the morning she was an opening]”
Moist Poetry Journal, June 27 and July 2, 2022

“Snow in January” and “Baruch”
Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Volume 14 • May 2022

Exposure” and “Mothering in the time of COVID
Pinhole Poetry interview
Pinhole Poetry, Issue 1.1 • April 2022

“Burned house horizon”
PoemCity 2022 • April 2022

boats against the current • March 2022

Horse Girl
Visual Verse • December 2021

“the shape of this,” “Pickling day,” and “Tell Me What You Want”
Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Volume 13 • May 2021

“Metropolitan” and “Spring lunes”
PoemCity 2020 April 2020

“One Way”
Reasons to be Cheerful: Annual One January 2021 (Print)

Candied Citrus Peels
Reasons to Be Cheerful December 2020

Reasons to Be Cheerful October 2020

“Saw-whet” and “120 miles”
Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Volume 12 April 2020

Ducks, Erased, a found poetry project that may take the rest of my life

Three Lunes
Dust Poetry Magazine, Issue 2 February 2020

“In theory”
Analog Magazine January/February 2020 (Print)

“Curvature,” “This Morning Earlier and Now With the Light Going,” “Numberless,” “March,” “Harvest,” “Leap,” “Still the Fog. Still the Little Waiting Heart”
Visual Verse February 2020 and earlier

“This morning” and “Another alternative”
Goat’s Milk Magazine, Issue Three July 2019

“The bullet,” “Feral,” and “The finch”
Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Volume 11 Spring 2019

“Every You, Every Us”
Zócalo Public Square February 2019

Rivers and Streams!
Nomad Press November 2018

“And Then She Replied,” “Annotation for a Girl,” “Cento,” “One Sunday in March,” “The Hinges,” and “Wilmington, Delaware”
Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Volume 10 Spring 2018

the found now, a found poetry project

The Action of Light
A book arts project created as part of Container’s Multitudes series, is in the holdings of the UCLA Arts Library • November 2017

“Southward” and “The Specialties of Their Country”
Straight Forward Poetry, Issue 9 June 2015

“The Bread of Home”
Remedy Quarterly, Vol 11 November 2012 (Print)


  • 2022 Best New Poets nomination – “Tell Me What You Want”
  • 2021 Best New Poets nomination – “Saw-whet”
  • 2020 AnLab Readers’ Award finalist – “In Theory”
  • 2020 Best New Poets nomination – “And then she replied”
  • 2019 Pushcart Prize nominations – “The Bullet” and “Feral”
  • 2019 Best New Poets nomination – “One Sunday in March”
  • 2018 Pushcart Prize nomination – “One Sunday in March”