52 Photos – A present someone gave me


We all have our quirks, our strange desires, our unexplainable fixations.

Maybe yours include miniature donkeys, red race cars, old marbles, antique spoons, smooth sticks, felted bowls, comic books, spools.

One of mine is yaks. Don’t ask me why. They just fascinate me.

For a small while I entertained the fantasy of adding a yak to our goat pen (imagine the goats’ outcry at that!).

My family—ever encouraging, ever thoughtful, ever patient—somehow found me a real yak bell. Huge and resonant, bearing the dents and rust of age and use.

Sometimes, when the house is too quiet and lonely and my mind is making too much noise, I’ll ring the bell (startle the dog), and imagine myself among those great shaggy beasts, heads down, grazing the grasses and sedges of some high plateau in Tibet. Unperturbed, steadfast, shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of our herd.

Yak bell


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