Friday Five ~ Easily distracted

It’s been a busy few weeks, it has, and my head is spinning. I start to do something and then… oooh! is that a shiny thing?

Sentences are going unfinished, and….

I forget. What was I talking about?

Maybe, instead of trying to write something coherent, I’ll just share a few fun things with you. And we can be all serious and coherent again next week.


We few, we happy few

Last night, we saw Kenneth Branagh in the National Theatre rebroadcast of Macbeth. It was exciting and fun. But not as good as Sir Ken’s Henry V. How cool a coincidence is it, then, to wake up this morning and learn that today is St. Crispin’s day?

This speech chokes me up every time.

Girls just want to have fun

Tonight. She’s here. At our local opera house. Are we going? You bet your bippy we are!

Mystery man

Sunday night, as if enough isn’t going on, we’re going to see Hugh Laurie. Because how can you not love this man? He’s going to playing songs from his new album (blues, piano), but maybe, if we ask nicely, he’ll play our favorite….

We will never ever move from Vermont

How can you not love a state that has designated, by law, a state pie? (Many thanks to Tammy at Wing and a Prayer Farm for pointing this out to me today.)

Broyhill or the box of badgers?

I’m delighted to know I wasn’t the only one who preferred the “booby” prizes on Let’s Make a Deal.


Have a great weekend, everyone!