52 Photos ~ Bright

This week's photo theme was "Bright" and, wouldn't you know it, it was a dark week. Cloudy, stormy, rainy, with a power outage thrown in for good measure. The night the lights went out, we lit the stove by match, talked by candlelight, and carried battery-powered lanterns up to bed. It was a cozy feeling.… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Bright

Polyphemus’ Ambrosial Roasted Tomato Soup

Scary. I loved this month's Let's Lunch theme the instant I read it. I just knew there would be a zillion fun possibilities. Muaaah ha ha!!! Cue creepy music. This was going to be such fun! Problem was, I couldn't think of anything scary that I actually wanted to eat. Ghosts made from homemade marshmallows?… Continue reading Polyphemus’ Ambrosial Roasted Tomato Soup