Graduation 2017

Five days later and I still can't think about Friday without emotion. It was a long day of ceremony, starting at 8 in the morning with a whole-school awards ceremony followed by Senior Class Day, where my resolve not to cry began to unstitch the moment I heard the first notes of music in the… Continue reading Graduation 2017

Baccalaureate 2017

They assembled on the green on Thetford Hill for a group photo on Sunday evening in blue and white robes (according to their taste), then went into the church two by two. The program of events had Hyla giving her speech right after the processional, so up she went and hushed the crowd with her… Continue reading Baccalaureate 2017

What is Urinetown?

It's a blast. It's a satirical musical. It's about politics, greedy corporations, and needy masses. It's about the 99% and the 1%. It's about sustainability and controlling scarce resources. It's very dark. It's very funny. It's got great dances and catchy songs, sideways glances and evil doings. It's a lot of work. It's 40+ students,… Continue reading What is Urinetown?