Goat cheese panna cotta with mango foam

March. Neither lion nor lamb. It's a fickle fish this year, darting in one direction, then another, to the surface, then back under the weeds. Cold clear days, warm foggy mornings, sweet springing afternoons, hail, snow, rain, mud, ice. One day, a week ago, we had all the windows in the house open. Today, we're… Continue reading Goat cheese panna cotta with mango foam

52 Weeks ~ New Beginnings (13/52)

Spring. Easter. Passover. Renewal. You can feel it in the air, hear it, and smell it, can't you? Geese honking their way overhead: "Are we there yet?" "I swear we should have taken a right at that last river branch." Crocus shoots yawning and stretching, poking their pointy fingers up through the winter-hardened soil. Tender… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ New Beginnings (13/52)