How the story ends

If you were reading this blog last year this time, you'll remember that we followed Robert Falcon Scott in his journey to the South Pole and back (or nearly). 100 years ago today, eight months after Scott and the polar party perished, just 11 miles from One Ton Depot, where extra fuel and food was… Continue reading How the story ends

December 14, 1911, 90º S

Since November 1, while we've been going about our lives, working, eating, sleeping, writing, fighting, protesting, shopping, laughing, and singing, Scott and Amundsen marched south. And 100 years ago today, Amundsen and four other members of the Norwegian expedition became the first human beings to reach the South pole. They established a camp, named it… Continue reading December 14, 1911, 90º S

The Pole Journey ~ November 6 – 10, 1911

After reaching the depot at 82º S on the fifth, it appears that Amundsen's party tarried for two days to rest and resupply before continuing their journey on the 8th. Amundsen's brief account of the next several days describes the daily trek of thirty-some miles as if it were a leisurely stroll through the Tuscan… Continue reading The Pole Journey ~ November 6 – 10, 1911

The Pole Journey ~ November 1 – 5, 1911

For those of you wondering how the polar explorers have been faring, below are excerpts from their accounts of the last few days. As of the 5th, Amundsen has reached a latitude of 82º S., where his last supply depot had been laid, 893 kilometers from the Pole. Scott has not yet reached his One… Continue reading The Pole Journey ~ November 1 – 5, 1911