Resting in this moment

October, it's not your fault that you live next door to November (rude neighbors, always shouting cold wind until late into the night, leaving their dead leaves and bare, broken twigs on your lawn, slamming their doors, scaring the birds. Entirely uncivilized behavior). I would wholeheartedly adore you otherwise. You're full of obvious charms that… Continue reading Resting in this moment

52 Weeks ~ New Beginnings (13/52)

Spring. Easter. Passover. Renewal. You can feel it in the air, hear it, and smell it, can't you? Geese honking their way overhead: "Are we there yet?" "I swear we should have taken a right at that last river branch." Crocus shoots yawning and stretching, poking their pointy fingers up through the winter-hardened soil. Tender… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ New Beginnings (13/52)