Shackleton Found

By December 1911, the South pole was just another notch on Roald Amundsen's belt. Robert F. Scott, as we know, reached that awful place a month later, and then perished on the return. If you were a south polar explorer in 1914, all the good stuff had been claimed already. But Ernest Shackleton couldn't bear┬áto… Continue reading Shackleton Found

If there’s one thing you can count on… Mt. Erebus, photo by Anthony Powell ... come November, if I'm writing here, I'm going to mention that chilly word: Antarctica. So here we are, and the story this time is Ernest Shackleton's. Surely you've heard of him and his polar exploits: his farthest south (along with our old friends Scott and Wilson) as… Continue reading If there’s one thing you can count on…

The real goal is coming home

For the two or three of you not following the Scott Expedition blog on Boxing Day, refreshing your screen every hour through the evening, I'm happy to report that Ben and Tarka made it to the South Pole on December 26, 2013. As Ben puts it, the scene was nothing like Scott's arrival in that… Continue reading The real goal is coming home