Thursday November To Do list with Seamus Heaney

Wake up at 2.30 am. Again. Flip the pillow to the cool side. Fall asleep. Again. Dream you're in a long, dark room (a bar?) that's crowded with people wearing grey overcoats. Through the knot of grey,  see Seamus Heaney (not in grey). Poke the shoulder of the person next to you and point out… Continue reading Thursday November To Do list with Seamus Heaney

A call across the world

In memoriam Francis Ledwidge Killed in France 31 July 1917 The bronze soldier hitches a bronze cape That crumples stiffly in imagined wind No matter how the real winds buff and sweep His sudden hunkering run, forever craned Over Flanders. Helmet and haversack, The gun’s firm slope from butt to bayonet, The loyal, fallen names… Continue reading A call across the world

Caught off guard

The end of August. Just two weeks ago we were in the full langour of summer. And now? It's decidedly fall. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to the sudden tilt toward September, but it takes me by surprise every year. Unlike the linear transition from spring to summer, this time of… Continue reading Caught off guard

This side of the embrace

We're here on this shore of the Atlantic, after driving through sleet and slush and rain, and spending a night in our sister's cozy home. We tried to sleep, but the dog was restless all night (there was a cat to meet), and made a pathetic whining sound for hours. We arrived on the Cape… Continue reading This side of the embrace

Words for Wednesday ~ The Annals Say

It may be Wordless Wednesday, but it's also Seamus Heaney's birthday, and that deserves just a few words. His, mostly. Seamus may well be my favorite poet. I've seen him read three times, and every time was memorable, but possibly most memorable was one evening at Boston College, in a high-ceilinged hall, when he read… Continue reading Words for Wednesday ~ The Annals Say