Summer writing camp: Update and new prompt


H and I both wrote poems for the first theme (“summer solstice”) of our summer writing camp. She wrote a concise haiku about a confident, cinnamon-furred fox, dreaming under the moon. And I wrote a rambler about the solstice being both the start of summer and the start of the plunge into fall (I’m nothing if not consistent, eh?).

I know that was a tease, but we’ve decided (for now) not to publicly share our work on this blog. We’ll see how we feel after we’ve done this for awhile.

But I did want to share this week’s prompt, which is (thanks to H), “Plink”.

Think of it as the sound of a rain drop hitting the metal roof, or a coin dropping into a jukebox, or an electronic wake-up alarm, or an ice cube hitting the side of a glass, or a pizzicatoed E-string on the violin.

What does it make you think of?