Getting (back) on board

You may think I’ve forgotten about you, but I really haven’t.


I have been writing and writing. I have hundreds of photos. I have draft posts and ideas for more. I have favorite songs to share. I have memories to try to capture. I have recipes!

What I don’t seem to have right now is time (or is it the will?) to finish anything so that it’s presentable to you.

Maybe I’m worrying too much.

Maybe it’s been so long that I’ve posted that I feel stuck.

Well, today I’m hereby unsticking myself.

That was easy, eh?

Okay, I’m here. Summer vacation has started (at least for the school-going member of this family).

The fireflies were out last night.

H and I ran errands yesterday, and sang along in the car to some of our favorite summer songs.

People all over the world, join hands.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more 🙂