Begin again

January 1 2013 - NE

We don’t do New Year’s resolution here.

Well, I saw this one and I like it very much, but otherwise, no, no grand resolutions here.


But every morning there’s an irresistible resolution. Our globe revolves, the sun lips gently over the horizon.

Get up, greet the day.

I think of Maude in one of my favorite movies, “Harold and Maude“: “Greet the dawn with the breath of fire!”

Reach out. Take a chance. Get hurt even.

When I woke this clear white morning, the phrase in my head was Begin again. Gentler than Maude’s words, but they mean the same. Shake off the old, stop looking back.

The snow is piled thick and deep, with just a few bare, essential paths: the one to the door, the one to the barn, the one to the trail.

The snow shoes are near the back door.

Let’s go out and write our resolutions on the fields.