Shackleton Found

By December 1911, the South pole was just another notch on Roald Amundsen's belt. Robert F. Scott, as we know, reached that awful place a month later, and then perished on the return. If you were a south polar explorer in 1914, all the good stuff had been claimed already. But Ernest Shackleton couldn't bear to… Continue reading Shackleton Found

Friday Five ~ Reasons to be grateful for an extended winter

Maybe I'm reaching a bit, but... 1. Bare branches reveal shy visitors: 2. It's the perfect time to make this citrus salad with goat cheese-stuffed dates. Even if you don't eat it, you might get some vitamin D just by looking at its sunshiny face. 3. Since the garden and lawn are still covered by… Continue reading Friday Five ~ Reasons to be grateful for an extended winter