Sweet as honeydew

Not entirely by plan, but this summer became our summer of concerts: The Weepies, Idina Menzel, Neil Young, and The Decemberists, the last of which found us at the end of July on a lush green lawn on the grounds of Shelburne Museum. There's something thrilling about hearing live music outdoors on a summer evening.… Continue reading Sweet as honeydew

Ta-ray- ta-rah! Boom!

Second semester's here and you know what that means, right? You guessed it: rehearsals for the annual high school musical have begun! This year's production is "Drood" (or "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"), based on the unfinished Dickens novel. It's written by Rupert Holmes. Yes, THAT Rupert Holmes. Fortunately, this production doesn't include any references… Continue reading Ta-ray- ta-rah! Boom!

What is Urinetown?

It's a blast. It's a satirical musical. It's about politics, greedy corporations, and needy masses. It's about the 99% and the 1%. It's about sustainability and controlling scarce resources. It's very dark. It's very funny. It's got great dances and catchy songs, sideways glances and evil doings. It's a lot of work. It's 40+ students,… Continue reading What is Urinetown?