Don’t fence me in

Sometimes I don't know myself. [Make that most times, but you know what I mean.] For instance, ask me what type of music I love, and I'll give you a tidy list that includes American and British folk and folk-rock; jangly-guitar alternative; Motown and the Philadelphia sound; traditional country (Patsy Cline, I'm talking about you);… Continue reading Don’t fence me in

A tune in my heart

Our excellent friend Kevin writes about all sorts of interesting things on his blog, Keeping Score. He's a terrific writer, smart and with a generous heart. I enjoy reading whatever he writes, but I particularly love his end-of-year posts, where he shares his favorite music from the concluding year. He doesn't just list and link… Continue reading A tune in my heart

Audio visual

The better to see and hear you with, my dear... A couple weeks ago, we got TV. That is, we got reception via a satellite dish bolted to the side of our house. We've had the actual TV set for years and have watched our share of VHS and DVD programs and, more recently, streamed… Continue reading Audio visual

If you want to sing out, sing out

70 songs seemed like plenty of room for all the great ones. Turns out, it's not nearly enough.* I started listing all the songs I loved -- songs from deep childhood, through teenagerhood, young-adulthood, adulthood, love, marriage, motherhood. I easily got to 100. Then M and I started to talk about his list. Dang! More… Continue reading If you want to sing out, sing out