Reading Challenge month 6 ~ A book your mom loves

Stumped, I tell you. I was stumped. Mom loved to read. We all did. That was plain as day. My growing up houses had overflowing bookshelves and stacks of reading material on kitchen counter tops, desks, and bed side tables. Mom always had a half-devoured book by her chair and a to-be-read shelf in the… Continue reading Reading Challenge month 6 ~ A book your mom loves

52 Weeks ~ Laughter (8/52)

A Girls' Weekend in Boston is full of unexpected laughs: :: The baker on the sign at Lyndell's bakery is cheerful in spite of the dreary weather. He lures you in with his slightly crazed laugh. "Come in! Come in! There are cupcakes inside....!" You really dare not refuse. Unless you don't want a cupcake.… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Laughter (8/52)