Denial is an ocean

I've heard the reports. Negative abysmal temperatures again tonight. Let's just pretend, shall we? Let's say we're in that cottage by the ocean. You know the place. We've just unloaded the car and are hurriedly running around to see what's changed since last year, claiming bedrooms, putting the sheets we'd packed only hours ago onto… Continue reading Denial is an ocean

52 Weeks ~ I left my heart in… (5/52)

LeCount Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA the pewter sky is darkening in the undefined time between the endless afternoon of buckets and spades, striped umbrellas, sandy potato chips and the offered evening, when we, freshly showered, will drive the well-worn route into town, step into our favorite restaurant order drinks, and review our options. in this… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ I left my heart in… (5/52)