52 Photos ~ Childhood games

They don't play games so much anymore, but, gosh, do they know how to laugh and have a blast. And when the sun goes down, they still play a version of hide and seek called "Sardines", which goes something like this: One person hides. And the group fans out to look for the person. And… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Childhood games

52 Weeks ~ Friendship (31/52)

Fun fact #1: I still cannot write the word "Friend" without singing this song to myself. Fun fact #2: In the late 60s/early 70s, my father worked for the public television station WQED, where he was Production Manager and Lighting Director for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (among other shows). That porch swing? I sat on it.… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Friendship (31/52)

52 Weeks ~ Water (30/52)

The Sea Do I ever wonder? You don't know. You'll never follow, and I'll never show. D'you see the water and watch it flow And float an empty shell, And you think that I'm hiding from the island. You've a fault in your senses. Can you feel it now? Time? What is that? I've no… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Water (30/52)