52 Weeks ~ Football (37/52)

A Man in Blue Under the French horns of a November afternoon a man in blue is raking leaves with a wide wooden rake (whose teeth are pegs or rather, dowels). Next door boys play soccer: “You got to start over!” sort of. A round attic window in a radiant gray house waits like a… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Football (37/52)

I shall say this only once

I'm kinda looking forward to fall this year. I know! Who has taken over this blog, and what have they done with Rebecca?! I don't completely get it either, but I'm going to ride with this strange-but-nice feeling: not dreading the change of season, welcoming the cool breeze at night that suggests I tug the… Continue reading I shall say this only once

52 Weeks ~ Monster (24/52)

Ðá cóm of móre under misthleoþum Grendel gongan· godes yrre bær· mynte se mánscaða manna cynnes sumne besyrwan in sele þám héan· wód under wolcnum tó þæs þe hé wínreced goldsele gumena gearwost wisse faéttum fáhne· ne wæs þæt forma síð þæt hé Hróþgáres hám gesóhte· naéfre hé on aldordagum aér ne siþðan heardran haéle… Continue reading 52 Weeks ~ Monster (24/52)