Where webs of snow are drifting

Snow has already come and gone several times in the last few weeks, but today's snow has a feeling of permanence about it, as if it's going to become the bedding layer for a winter-long sedimentary cover. Or, as Christina's Rosetti put it: Earth stood hard as iron, water like stone; Snow had fallen, snow… Continue reading Where webs of snow are drifting

Wormholing through Monday

This is how it started. It started because today is Gordon Lightfoot's birthday, so he was on my mind (regular readers know I have a thing about Gordon). Alarm went off (Nick Lowe crooning in my ear), but first thing I think is, "It's November 17. Gordon's birthday." And that's how it started. I opened… Continue reading Wormholing through Monday

Watchin’ the moon roll by

In the spring, I went away for four days and when I returned I learned my friend Jay had died. I hadn’t even known he was sick. I went away for four days, came home, read that sad message, ate a quick dinner, then drove through a rainstorm to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert, something… Continue reading Watchin’ the moon roll by