Goats and yaks

Two videos from yesterday.

Golden Guernsey goats at play at Spitalfields City Farm in London:

These are the type of goats we have our hearts set on. Unfortunately, they are a rare breed, originating in England, and can’t be imported to the US. Southwind Farm, which boasts the only purebred Golden Guernsey herd in the US, claims on their web site that there are only 11 purebred females in the United States. Fortunately, there’s a group of people working on developing both a British and an American Golden Guernsey breed, by crossing purebred GG bucks with high-quality Alpine and Swiss does. The aim is to “breed up” to as pure a GG bloodline as possible.

Also, here’s video of a newborn yak at Steadfast Farm in Waitsfield, VT (possibly New England’s first yak herd):

We love yaks. What’s not to love? They’re shaggy, and they grunt. We have not yet made yak cheese, but believe me, we intend to try.