Resting in this moment

October, it's not your fault that you live next door to November (rude neighbors, always shouting cold wind until late into the night, leaving their dead leaves and bare, broken twigs on your lawn, slamming their doors, scaring the birds. Entirely uncivilized behavior). I would wholeheartedly adore you otherwise. You're full of obvious charms that… Continue reading Resting in this moment

Goat home improvement

I've spent the last two days in the land of pie: first shopping for their ingredients, then making them (pear-cranberry, peanut butter-chocolate, and good ol' apple), then delivering all but the apple (that one's ours) to the school's language trip fundraiser (where the pies were to be sold), then driving H to the aforementioned fundraiser,… Continue reading Goat home improvement

Things that we love on this Saturday morning

:: Goats with ginger snap breath. :: Reusable hand warmers. Every under-insulated farm house I live in should have a good supply. :: The Public Domain Review, a treasure trove of images that have fallen out of copyright and into the public domain. And excellent essays, too. :: George Ezra singing "Budapest". H and I… Continue reading Things that we love on this Saturday morning

Next thing, they’ll be studying for their learner’s permits

Today they turn one. It's nothing like the bittersweet when you watch your friend's children, or your own children, grow beyond your hold. They're just goats, after all. Even still. How could they have gone from this to this in just 12 months? They did it so incrementally that we barely registered the changes, the… Continue reading Next thing, they’ll be studying for their learner’s permits

52 Photos ~ My choice

Winter break. Lots of lounging by the fire, lots of staring out the window at the white, lots of opening packages, lots of sliding on the ice on the way down the path. Lots of snacking. Including the goats, who make short work of balsam branches sawn from the Christmas tree. And then inquire, with… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ My choice