No more running

Vermont summers are fierce and semi-tropical. Not in temperature or humidity, but in explosive plant growth. The growing season is short. Everything that grows here is intent on getting as big as it can as quickly as it can. The fields and forests burst with green. Grape vines climb the maple trees. Morning glories slither… Continue reading No more running

Caught off guard

The end of August. Just two weeks ago we were in the full langour of summer. And now? It's decidedly fall. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to the sudden tilt toward September, but it takes me by surprise every year. Unlike the linear transition from spring to summer, this time of… Continue reading Caught off guard

I shall say this only once

I'm kinda looking forward to fall this year. I know! Who has taken over this blog, and what have they done with Rebecca?! I don't completely get it either, but I'm going to ride with this strange-but-nice feeling: not dreading the change of season, welcoming the cool breeze at night that suggests I tug the… Continue reading I shall say this only once