The fruits of our Labor Day

One thing leads to another. A friend's daughter reads Orangette, where she recently saw a recipe for blueberry-oat scones. She made the scones for my friend. My friend sent me the recipe. How could I resist? Thinking about the blueberry scones made me think about things I could slather on them before shoving them into… Continue reading The fruits of our Labor Day

Family Recipe ~ Pearl’s Waffles

Today, blogger, writer, and fellow Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge baker Cheryl Tan is celebrating the launch of her new book, A Tiger in the Kitchen, by inviting fellow bloggers and cooks to write about a favorite family recipe. As those who love to cook know, it's hard to beat the excitement and challenge of mastering… Continue reading Family Recipe ~ Pearl’s Waffles

The real deal

I certainly meant to post this last weekend, but somehow forgot. Actually, I've apparently forgotten more than once to post about this, but that's another story. Here's the subject: Canelés (also written as Cannelés), beautiful, humble little French pastries (originating in Bordeaux). describes them this way: "In essence, it is a vamped-up crepe batter… Continue reading The real deal