Bears unwelcome

Do all towns have email lists these days? I suppose so. Our town's list announces church suppers and firewood for sale; requests proposals for mowing the town green; advertises sporting equipment, cars, pianos, and livestock for sale or barter; and invites us to school plays, concerts, farmers markets. Around elections, they bustle with political opinions.… Continue reading Bears unwelcome

Cross your fingers or feelers, as applicable

Hive check on Sunday: no eggs, no larvae, all the capped brood (i.e., gestating baby bees) had hatched out. It's been three weeks, more or less, since we've seen an egg. The colony is in free fall. The existing bees can only live so long. They'll work with bee dedication to collect pollen and nectar… Continue reading Cross your fingers or feelers, as applicable

52 Photos ~ Busy street

Last week: school. This week: summer vacation. Last week: homework. This week: parties and movies. Last week: rise before 6. This week: sleep until the cats insist I rise. Last week: assigned reading. This week: thick by-chance novels. Last week: schedules. This week: what day is it? Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Not that… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Busy street