Artos – BBA Challenge bread 2

We’re now in full swing with the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge and many of us have completed our second bread: Artos (Greek Celebration bread).

Finished Artos

The group is now 200-strong (officially — there are many others around the world who are also baking along with us). The group includes every experience level, from those who have never tried baking a loaf before to several very experienced bread bakers who regularly blog their baking exploits. The group is baking around the world, hunting for ingredients in India and Sweden and Sri Lanka and Italy and, of course, right here in the United States.

Some people are steaming ahead with the recipes because they’re excited or fanatics (bread fanatics, that is), or because they’re trying to get a jump on the schedule because of summer vacation plans. So, far, though, I’m doing my best to stick to the once-a-week schedule, so I had to tread water a bit between the Anadama and the Artos. Last weekend was busy with guests and activity, so I had to wait until the middle of this past week to finally plunge in to recipe #2.Continue reading “Artos – BBA Challenge bread 2”