Come a long way


This is my 500th post.

Little by little, post by post, we’ve come to this point, you and I.

What started as a whim on a sunny summer afternoon in 2005, as simply a way to share pictures of the house move with far-flung family, has come to this.

Back then, I only planned on posting some pictures. I had a point-and-shoot camera and I let it make all the decisions. I didn’t think hard about what to name this blog. I was so pleasantly stunned by how easy it was to start a blog, I just… started it.

And then, inch by inch, mile by mile, we covered some ground, you and I.

We watched a house move.
We went to work and school.
We took walks.
We took vacations.
We tried new things.
We baked a heckuva lot of bread.
We watched births.
We said goodbyes.
We sang.
We fiddled.
We danced.
We made cider.
We learned to milk a goat.
We learned to make cheese.
We sat at the table with friends.
We moved a lot of firewood.
We read books.
We shared secrets.
We admitted fears.
We took pictures.
We cried.
We mourned.
We giggled.
We celebrated.
We wrote.

This outpost in cyberspace isn’t much. It’s not widely read. It doesn’t change the world. It doesn’t matter very much. Yet it’s come to matter very much to me, as a place where I can sort out my thoughts, try out ideas, and be creative. It’s a very real place for me, where we can meet and talk, even though the conversation sometimes seems a little one-sided.

I hope you know you’re in my head as I write. I love when you comment, or send me an email in private. But even when you’re silent, I love just knowing you’re out there.

It’s a big ol’ world. It’s easy to feel lonely, especially on a grey wintry day. It’s a relief to know you’re there, all of you, living your lives, and, at times, connecting with ours.

I can’t thank you enough for joining us on this little adventure.

So, what happens next?

No big changes, no new goals. We’ll just keep on moving. More posts. More miles.


* To clearly see the component photos for the mosaic, take a look at the original photo.