24 thoughts on “Reading Challenge”

  1. Does this mean we don’t have to finish the book we started and never finished, or it’s ok that we started the book and never finished? Can I write about why I started the book and never finished? Or, should I choose a book I started and never finished and go back and finish it (I do have many of those – might be a good way to get me to pick one up again and actually read it through…)? (do I sound very dense and ditzy?) Peace!

    1. Consider this the most laid-back book group you can imagine. You can do anything you like — as long as you think it fits the category. It would be interesting to read about why you never finished it!

  2. Okay, as much as I read you would think I would have started this already, but, alas…..
    I think this might be my month!!!

    A book that became a movie due by 6/11, right?

  3. I’ve done about half of these, though I didn’t plan any of them as I have just found this page, and a few might be a stretch. I love the challenge and its ideas though!

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