1. I have the same thermometer as the one you used in the clothbound cheddar post (curds look amazing!) and I dropped it in water. It is working again, but I lost my instructions and can’t set it… meaning, I would just turn it on and it was immediately reading the temperature of the air, before. Now I turn it on, and the numbers come up on the screen for me to set it. ???
    Do you have any advice for me. I bought it online, and cannot recall where, either, or I would look there. Or buy another I love it so much.

  2. Rebecca says:

    That thermometer is the best, isn’t it? I’m afraid I don’t have the instructions for mine anymore, and have never seen what you’re seeing. It’s never asked me to set it. hmmm. I looked around online and can’t find instructions either. Maybe it needs to dry out even longer? I dunked my first one in water and it took over a month for it to fully dry and get working again (in the meantime, I bought a second one – it’s not a bad idea to have a backup for cheese making anyway for just this sort of situation). I’ll look around more and see if I can find any info…

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