11 minutes til midnight

We left the hotel this morning and headed into the city. Toronto is huge. The highways are six lanes in each direction, all clogged with commuting cars. The city blocks are lined with stores and restaurants and people of every imaginable type and nationality. There's construction everywhere. Toronto is noisy and busy and blustery. Winter… Continue reading 11 minutes til midnight

Still life with baked goods

I knew the trip was going to be good when Cindy suggested we meet in Portland, Maine, travel up the coast, ferry across Penobscot Bay, and land at Nebo Lodge Inn on North Haven Island for a weekend in July. Long-distance friends who haven't seen each other in years, we were casting around for a… Continue reading Still life with baked goods

Italian Folktales ~ Day 13 (July 7, 2011), Venice

We woke to the sound of sweeping, and when we went out, we stepped into a sparkling city of alleyways, piazzas, and canals. The first thing on our agenda was to grab a quick breakfast (fruit, water, and bread) at the shop around the corner from our hotel, and then proceed to the Palazzo Ducale… Continue reading Italian Folktales ~ Day 13 (July 7, 2011), Venice