In our circles

Dearest You, Here we are again. Since I last wrote she did, indeed, go to college, and had a fantastic first year, and a happy summer, and now she's back there again, a sophomore and doing well. We miss her like crazy, especially on the weekends, and on the weekdays, and the mornings, and oh… Continue reading In our circles

Denial is an ocean

I've heard the reports. Negative abysmal temperatures again tonight. Let's just pretend, shall we? Let's say we're in that cottage by the ocean. You know the place. We've just unloaded the car and are hurriedly running around to see what's changed since last year, claiming bedrooms, putting the sheets we'd packed only hours ago onto… Continue reading Denial is an ocean

Here be dragons

(Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, Folio 28, c. 1552) The drive from Toronto to this patch of land in Vermont takes about nine hours when you follow the "northern route," which skirts the northern shore of Lake Ontario, follows the St. Lawrence River east, and then bangs a right at Montreal, south to the US border. At least… Continue reading Here be dragons

Friday’s lunch: Momofuku daishō

duck bun – date hoisin, picked turnip, scallion sepia – chinese celery, yuzu, chickpea hozon roasted rice cakes – spicy pork sausage, chinese broccoli, tofu grilled mushrooms – monforte sheep’s milk cheddar, watercress, poppy seed brussels sprouts – fish sauce, puffed rice, mint 2012 nero d’avola, morgante, ‘bianco di morgante’, sicily, italy dessert (to go):… Continue reading Friday’s lunch: Momofuku daishō