Ta-ray- ta-rah! Boom!

Second semester's here and you know what that means, right? You guessed it: rehearsals for the annual high school musical have begun! This year's production is "Drood" (or "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"), based on the unfinished Dickens novel. It's written by Rupert Holmes. Yes, THAT Rupert Holmes. Fortunately, this production doesn't include any references… Continue reading Ta-ray- ta-rah! Boom!

52 Photos ~ On my way

Almost every week, this photo project puts a song in my head. This week's song is one that parents with children of a certain age will remember from the movie "Ice Age," which we watched approximately seven billion times when H was small. And which we all loved. And laughed at, especially when Scrat got… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ On my way

52 Photos ~ Childhood games

They don't play games so much anymore, but, gosh, do they know how to laugh and have a blast. And when the sun goes down, they still play a version of hide and seek called "Sardines", which goes something like this: One person hides. And the group fans out to look for the person. And… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Childhood games