Thanks for the note

Sometimes Hyla likes to sleep somewhere other than her bed. Sometimes it’s the loveseat downstairs, sometimes it’s the guestroom, and sometimes it’s just the floor of her own room. The first few times she decided to sleep elsewhere (and these decisions always seem to be made after I’m already asleep), when I went to wake her in the morning, I was a bit confused (and, one time, very frightened) because I couldn’t find her.

Could she have wandered off in the night?? Is she locked in the bathroom?? Did I forget her somewhere the day before and not realize it until now?? Did aliens abduct her???


We all learned a few lessons from those episodes:

1. Mom doesn’t like to be surprised this way.
2. Mom has learned that sometimes Hyla won’t be sleeping in her own bed.
3. Hyla (and/or Dad) leaves a note on her bed to inform Mom where she is.

So, this is the note I found yesterday morning:

The note

And, sure enough:

Camping out/in

Endings and beginnings

School’s out for Hyla! As of last Friday. I guess this means that summer’s here, though it’s hard to tell with all this cool, dry, grey weather we’re having (if we have grey skies, can’t we at least have rain?!). But, yes, school is out so summer has officially begun at our house, which means Hyla can wake up late, lounge around reading books, eat breakfast casually, day dream a whole lot, order me to get her another snack . . .

Wait a minute. How is this different from the school year?

Oh yeah, I get to have her company all day while I work and tinker and do my own day dreaming.

I know I haven’t written much here for a long time, and I’ve been thinking about that. I think the reason is because, for awhile now, I’ve been writing with one particular reader in mind, but that person is no longer reading, and the impulse to write drifted away. But I like writing these posts, and I enjoy sharing photos and cooking escapades and interesting birds, so with the start of summer, I’m promising myself to restart my writing here. Wish me luck.

Oh, and along with the end of school comes the end of the violin lesson season, so here’s a video of Hyla’s end-of-year performance, filmed right here in our own living room last Friday evening. 15 or so students played, ranging from Hyla’s age to high school seniors playing amazing Bartok pieces; the house was packed with people, and good food, and interesting conversation, and incredible live music. What a treat for us, and what a way to welcome June.

String Fling

Saturday morning, we and about 50 other families from throughout the area gathered at the Hanover community center for String Fling, a twice-a-year event that introduces beginning string students to the string orchestra setting.

For the preceding week or two, the students had each practiced their part of the music on their own: first violin, second violin, viola, and cello. Then, on Saturday, students who had previously only played alone (or with a few other students) were brought together in one room for about four hours. With a conductor. And lots of food.

The conductor asked them all to play an open D note. All 50 bows went at the same time. Beautiful. Then, at his signal, he asked them to begin playing the first piece. All of a sudden, the part (second violin) we had been going over for a week-and-a-half became one strand of several that coalesced into the familiar “Skater’s Waltz“. It wasn’t perfect, but it was gorgeous.

String Fling

String Fling

Hyla's violin