Tunbridge World’s Fair

The cold rain swept through yesterday and brought autumn with it, which means it’s time for The Fair.

The Tunbridge World’s Fair, held annually since 1867, has everything you’d expect in a modern-day agricultural fair:

  • a midway full of rides put together by people you hope had a good night’s sleep the night before
  • games you can’t win, and even if you do, what you win is made of plastic and bound to fall apart in ten minutes
  • folks selling Mexican blankets, “Indian” art, t-shirts, trinkets, toy tractors, mugs, jewelry, and things made out of feathers and beads
  • log splitting demonstrations, oxen pulling, black smithing demonstrations, and horse shows
  • giant vegetables, prize-winning cookies and pies, slabs of fudge, towering sunflowers, and student artwork
  • barn after barn of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and the heat-lamp table where the newly hatched chicks strut around
  • roasted corn, fried dough, french fries, caramel apples, maple-flavored everything, apple cider, bbq, yam and bean burritos, and free discount root beer if you remember your refillable mug from last year’s fair
  • pig races, pony rides, and parades
  • goats

In other words, everything a gal could want.


Update: We had a wonderful time, but we forgot the darn mug!

Friday favorite ~ Language of the Lens

Remember awhile back when I mentioned the idea of endorsements?

I just realized I hadn’t actually made any since then, so, as of today, I’m instituting a new weekly ritual, where I’ll post about a favorite something here every Friday. Maybe it’ll be something you like, too.

Today’s Friday Favorite is a collaborative blog called Language of the Lens. Each Monday, two friends use the same triggering word (taken from the novel In The Language of Love) to write a post that includes a bit of text and a photograph. Some weeks’ posts are funny, some wordy, some serious, some even wordless. This week’s word is “bed” and a couple sentences in those essays sounded like my own thoughts on sleep (and the lack of it).

At the end of most posts, the authors let on what next week’s word will be. Think of it as a teaser, or a Monday morning writing prompt.