Sunday morning waffles

Sunday morning, making waffles. You can't do this stealthily if you're going to use the egg whipper. And you can't make these waffles without the whipper. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the first in a (probably irregular) series of posts that will include sounds and images recorded at the same time and location.

Let’s raise a glass

Here we are again, my old friend November. You're a formidable foe, but you're on the way out for another year and I'm still writing. So, here's to you, November, and your relentlessly grey skies, your bare branches, your frozen water bucket mornings, your summerish deceptions, your early dusks, your inevitable lurch towards winter. I... Continue Reading →

The pleasures of the small batch

Time was, putting food by for us meant making 30 pints of strawberry jam in a day. Or processing quarts of pickles all weekend. It meant picking bushels of apples to turn into sauce. We had shelves in the basement devoted to our home-canned goods (I believe there are still some pickles down there from... Continue Reading →

Nothing but time

Pure silliness. Egged on by the promise of a plan-free weekend with clear weather, we started a mental to-do list on Saturday morning, once again blind to the difference between the time it takes to say a task and the time it takes to do it. No matter. It's a spring weekend. We're beguiled by... Continue Reading →


I'm an Eastern European mutt, descended from grandparents and great grandparents who were born in the tiny, border shifting villages of Romania, Russia, and Poland. At some point, my ancestors may have been Ukranian, or Hungarian, or Bulgarian. We have no records that far back, but considering the politics and the fluid borders of that... Continue Reading →


True facts about the Florentine... ~ There's a bakery down the road from here that makes florentines as big as your open hand. No really. If you're in the neighborhood, you must go get two; one for now and one for later. ~ The genesis of my dream florentine is oranges. Some people make florentines... Continue Reading →

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