Nothing but time

Pure silliness. Egged on by the promise of a plan-free weekend with clear weather, we started a mental to-do list on Saturday morning, once again blind to the difference between the time it takes to say a task and the time it takes to do it. No matter. It's a spring weekend. We're beguiled by... Continue Reading →

Pie! Spanakopita and rhubarb crisp

I woke up feeling a bit giddy this morning. It's not just that it's Friday, or that the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect, though all of that could explain it easily enough. I think it was because I knew I'd get to spend the first part of my morning writing here, hanging... Continue Reading →

I’d eat that

Do you see that reference to "goat's milk chocolate chip"? That's our Willow's milk! She looks kinda pleased, doesn't she? For the past couple of weeks, Morgan at Morano Gelato has been churning some test batches of goats' milk gelato made with Willow's milk. This week's version includes several ounces of chevre we made with... Continue Reading →

Homemade yogurt

I can hear you wondering to yourselves, "A few months back she mentioned all that milking and plans for cheese making, but she's written precious little here about the milk and the cheese lately. What gives?" Not to worry. We are inundated with milk and have been making things with it all winter. And soon... Continue Reading →

Aging gracefully

The Crottin and Valençay cheeses we made a couple weeks back are sitting in ripening boxes in our steadily cool basement, growing white fur coats. When I opened the boxes today to take a few photos, the smell that came out of the boxes (and that still lingers in my office, where the ripening boxes... Continue Reading →

On our way with Valençay

Long before the goats arrived here, we loved goat cheese. We dreamed of some day making our own. And though we love fresh cheeses like chèvre as well as hard cheeses like clothbound cheddars and authentic manchegos (let's be honest: we love almost any cheese), our true cheese love is reserved for the soft- and... Continue Reading →

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