Poolish Baguettes – BBA Challenge bread 26

In his introduction to this recipe, Peter Reinhart writes, "...the poolish baguette made at the original Ganachaud Boulangerie was the second best baguette I ever had (the first being the pain a l'ancienne of Philippe Gossellin")." I feel the same is true of these baguette recipes in The Bread Baker's Apprentice. What I appreciate most… Continue reading Poolish Baguettes – BBA Challenge bread 26

Pain de Campagne – BBA Challenge bread 22

I found Pain de Campagne an unremarkable, but pleasant country-style loaf. It uses a very large amount of pre-ferment, and a small amount of whole grain flour (I used whole wheat, but rye flour is also acceptable). The method is straightforward and familiar: mix the pâte fermentée the night before, allow to ferment, and then… Continue reading Pain de Campagne – BBA Challenge bread 22