Rivers and Streams



Today is many things. It’s a Tuesday. It’s a work day. It’s another rainy day in November. It’s voting day (please tell me this isn’t a surprise to you).

And today is also the birthday of my book, Rivers and Streams!

I wrote it for kids aged 7-10, but anyone who likes nature and science can enjoy it. It’s packed with all sorts of goodies, including projects, jokes, resource links, and lots of cool facts that were double-checked by honest-to-goodness river scientists (how cool a job is that?!).

It talks about the importance of rivers to people, animals, plants, the climate, the earth itself. It talks about how rivers shape the land and how we shape the rivers. It ranges far and wide, through science and history and even a little poetry. It’s a little love letter to rivers.


It was a lot of work to write—and a lot of fun to write. And I had a lot of help from the terrific team at Nomad Press. You can order it from all the usual online suspects, and from your local independent bookstores. Please feel free to tell all the kids, parents, teachers,  librarians, and river lovers you know!

And now, I’m going to eat dinner and sip champagne and try to think only good thoughts about election results.


  1. alittletea3 says:

    Yay! Congratulations!~Deb

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Deb!

  2. Ann Cohen says:

    Rebecca how to I get two copies?

    1. Rebecca says:

      Hi Ann – I’d be happy to send you two!!

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