Thanksgiving truisms

There will be cheese. And sausage. And crackers. And olives. And candied jalapeños. The kitchen windows will be steamy and there will be two turkeys and stuffing and mashed potatoes and sweet potato souffle and creamed corn and collard greens and brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce and gravy. And leftovers for a week. The pie… Continue reading Thanksgiving truisms

Thursday November To Do list with Seamus Heaney

Wake up at 2.30 am. Again. Flip the pillow to the cool side. Fall asleep. Again. Dream you're in a long, dark room (a bar?) that's crowded with people wearing grey overcoats. Through the knot of grey,  see Seamus Heaney (not in grey). Poke the shoulder of the person next to you and point out… Continue reading Thursday November To Do list with Seamus Heaney