29 February

This fragile silk of a day, shed snake skin in the woodpile, folded delicately between layers of tissue, stowed in the attic until nearly forgotten. This February-smeared-with-March day is crow wing, ice crystal, moss tendril, shivering beech leaf, pink cloud, frozen mud, sublimation, revelation. This come-on-I'm-waiting-for-you-everything's-waiting-for- you day stares across a locked gate, wagging an… Continue reading 29 February

What’s that you say?

<parental crowing begins> H is Thetford Academy's Student of the Month for February 2016? You bet she is! And oh! Her teachers wrote the kindest, most spot-on things about her. But I don't mean to gloat. That's H's responsibility (though she never ever would, which is another amazing thing about her). I'll just sit here… Continue reading What’s that you say?

Area Woman Has Cold Hands

Teen Demolishes Mother in Battle of Musical Earworms In a entirely expected triumph, clever Teen (16) overcame predictable Mom (50) in a battle of the earworms early this morning. Mom came out strong in the first hours of the morning with the Carpenters' "Close to You," but she was easily bested by Teen's "You'll be Back,"… Continue reading Area Woman Has Cold Hands

Reading Challenge month 13 ~ A mystery or thriller

Hello. MM here, stepping in to write this month's summary of the Reading Challenge. This month's selection was A Mystery or Thriller, perhaps partly because of our schedule: it was a dark and stormy end of the semester and finals were on the horizon, and H. is a happy and well-versed fan of Ngaio Marsh—in… Continue reading Reading Challenge month 13 ~ A mystery or thriller