This day in history

January sunrise

Alfonso IV became King of Portugal (1325)

Someone fell on the ice

Someone learned to say “apple”

Jamestown, Virginia was destroyed by fire (1608)

Someone made soup

Someone forgot her keys

Galileo Galilei first observed four of Jupiter’s moons (1610)

Someone nursed a cold

Someone went bowling

The first transatlantic telephone service (New York to London) was established (1927)

Someone fell in love

Someone wrote a letter

The Polaris nuclear-armed missile was test launched (1960)

Someone drew a gun

Someone pulled a sliver out of her thumb

The St Lawrence Lime Tree was broken in two by high winds (2005)

Someone heard the phone ring

Someone said goodbye

Without saying goodbye


  1. Cindy says:

    touching and very poignant.

  2. AnnL says:

    Yes one tough day in history. I remember it very well. Thoughts are with you.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thanks so much, Ann.

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