52 Photos ~ A day in my life

First things first

Culling the library

First thing fog



Essential for R

Essential for M

Works in mud too

Step one



First run


Pulp fiction

Whitman building

Coalescer and Seperator

Dan & Whits

Fiona is 13 weeks old


These photos and post are in response to this week’s theme for the 52 Photos Project. You should participate, too! Read about how it works here. You can see a gallery of everyone’s photos for this week’s theme here. To see a list of all my blog posts for this project, go here.


  1. Jill S. says:

    What a beautiful testimony to your life! I especially love your goat pictures. They just seem so happy!

  2. Doris is luminous. And the piglet! oh!

    I must hear more about the sap. What’s happening here?

    1. Rebecca says:

      We made syrup! Details and pictures forthcoming….

  3. Tammy says:

    Fiona! How did I miss her? Tell me more, what a doll!

    1. Rebecca says:

      She’s not ours. Her owners were carrying her around the store and we asked to take some photos when they came outside. She was darling!

      1. Tammy says:

        Darling is right. What a sweetheart. I saw today where a local farm is taking orders on teacup piglets for the fall now. I would love to have a little indoor piggy! But I’m not going to be getting one. Meanwhile, I have the Princess, who governs the whole farm, so I am set. But I love that you guys took photos of her! I would have, too!

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