Friday Five ~ Reasons to be grateful for an extended winter

Maybe I'm reaching a bit, but... 1. Bare branches reveal shy visitors: 2. It's the perfect time to make this citrus salad with goat cheese-stuffed dates. Even if you don't eat it, you might get some vitamin D just by looking at its sunshiny face. 3. Since the garden and lawn are still covered by… Continue reading Friday Five ~ Reasons to be grateful for an extended winter

52 Photos – A present someone gave me

We all have our quirks, our strange desires, our unexplainable fixations. Maybe yours include miniature donkeys, red race cars, old marbles, antique spoons, smooth sticks, felted bowls, comic books, spools. One of mine is yaks. Don't ask me why. They just fascinate me. For a small while I entertained the fantasy of adding a yak… Continue reading 52 Photos – A present someone gave me

52 Photos ~ Where I would take you

Last week's theme for the 52 Photos Project was to take a picture of a place I would show you in my town. We have a small town. There's a combination post office/village store/gas station. The store doesn't stock much, but if you need a bag of chips, or a dusty can of soup, or… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Where I would take you

52 Photos ~ Where people gather

I think we can all agree that this winter has been long by any measure. Even this week, when the days are noticeably elongated by extra minutes of daylight, the overnight temperatures keep plunging down below -10ยบ F. The alternating daytime sunshine followed by nighttime freezes has glazed the snow with a sparkling layer that… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Where people gather