The real goal is coming home

For the two or three of you not following the Scott Expedition blog on Boxing Day, refreshing your screen every hour through the evening, I'm happy to report that Ben and Tarka made it to the South Pole on December 26, 2013. As Ben puts it, the scene was nothing like Scott's arrival in that… Continue reading The real goal is coming home

52 Photos ~ My choice

Winter break. Lots of lounging by the fire, lots of staring out the window at the white, lots of opening packages, lots of sliding on the ice on the way down the path. Lots of snacking. Including the goats, who make short work of balsam branches sawn from the Christmas tree. And then inquire, with… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ My choice

52 Photos ~ Holiday traditions Between an early Hanukkah, a late Thanksgiving, and Christmas arriving spot on time, haven't we been observing holiday traditions for months now? So it feels. We have a handful of holiday traditions, but we're just as apt to throw tradition out the window, paring the celebration down to a few essentials to mark the… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Holiday traditions

52 Photos ~ Comfort and joy

There is comfort in the contours of a dog's paw. The rough pads, separated by soft tufts of fur, curved to fit each other like matched puzzle pieces or continental plates. The dog flying effortlessly across an ice-glazed trail, the rhythmic clicking of nails on wood floors, the four paws collected in a bouquet bundle… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Comfort and joy

52 Photos ~ Polka dots

Yellow Beak A man owns a green parrot with a yellow beak that he carries on his shoulder each day to work. He runs a pet shop and the parrot is his trademark. Each morning the man winds his way from his bus through the square, four or five blocks. There goes the parrot, people… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Polka dots

Audio visual

The better to see and hear you with, my dear... A couple weeks ago, we got TV. That is, we got reception via a satellite dish bolted to the side of our house. We've had the actual TV set for years and have watched our share of VHS and DVD programs and, more recently, streamed… Continue reading Audio visual

52 Photos ~ Dessert

Recipe Declare a day of gluttony. Chill the Western hemisphere. Over a base of granite, soil, clay, wheat and corn fields, drizzle rivers. Lay down thick, black ribbons of tar and concrete from one ocean to the other. Reread the recipe. Assemble all ingredients in a four-wheeled box. Agitate steadily for a day. Liberally distribute… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Dessert