Silly, sweet virtual world


It’s funny to perch on this spot on the planet and imagine that there are other people on their own perches doing whatever they’re doing at this particular moment. How often we’re oblivious of each other, busy in our own circles.

Which is one of many reasons why the internet can be so darn fun. At any moment in the day, you can catch a little view of what’s happening in some faraway elsewhere. Lots of cat photos, yes. And way too many videos of people doing things they ought not to be doing (let alone filming themselves while doing it).

But aside from that, there are really interesting, kind, talented people out there, people you’d never know about except that one online friend mentions another online friend mentions another, and soon, stepping stone by stepping stone, you’ve made a virtual friend across the ocean.

One of these new friends is Ruth, who designs lovely things with birds and wildlife, like the sandpiper picture at the top of this post. We’ve never met, or even spoken, but we’ve written back and forth. She reads my blog; I read hers. And, recently, she interviewed me on her blog. (My friends, this is a first. No one–no one–has ever interviewed me for anything before. Ever.)

And the point here is that I want to introduce you to Ruth, and her little birds, and her brooches, and her illustrations, and her thoughtful words. Because this is how we’ve always made new friends, virtual or real, one introduction at a time.

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