52 Photos ~ On my way

Almost every week, this photo project puts a song in my head. This week's song is one that parents with children of a certain age will remember from the movie "Ice Age," which we watched approximately seven billion times when H was small. And which we all loved. And laughed at, especially when Scrat got… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ On my way

52 Photos ~ Round

Once More, the Round What's greater, Pebble or Pond? What can be known? The Unknown. My true self runs toward a Hill More! O More! visible. Now I adore my life With the Bird, the abiding Leaf, With the Fish, the questing Snail, And the Eye altering All; And I dance with William Blake For… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Round

52 Photos ~ Celebration

28 weeks in to this photo project and this is the first one that really stumped me. This has not been a celebratory week. Things are breaking left and right. Bones, feelings, electronic gadgets, automobiles. I went marching out today with dog and camera, daring the world to show me something to celebrate. Then, of… Continue reading 52 Photos ~ Celebration

Tongan coconut quick bread

Tonga. It's a land of complete mystery to me. All I knew before the My Kitchen My World group selected it as our next culinary destination was that it's Polynesian. An archipelago of tropical islands sprinkled out somewhere in the vicinity of Fiji (about which I know very little as well, though it features in… Continue reading Tongan coconut quick bread