52 Photos ~ Childhood games


They don’t play games so much anymore, but, gosh, do they know how to laugh and have a blast.

And when the sun goes down, they still play a version of hide and seek called “Sardines”, which goes something like this: One person hides. And the group fans out to look for the person. And when you find the hider, you don’t reveal her or his location; you hide with the hider, silently. And the rest of the group keeps looking, as their numbers dwindle. Until, maybe, you’re the only one still looking. Everyone else is crammed together in a hiding spot, crammed like sardines.

It’s down to just you, alone in the darkening yard. But your friends are out there, and they can’t help but giggle, and you follow that sound. And what a hoot when you find each other.

No one is too old for that sort of fun.

This photo and post are in response to this week’s theme for the 52 Photos Project. You should participate, too! Read about how it works here. You can see a gallery of everyone’s photos for this week’s theme here. To see a list of all my blog posts for this project, go here.


  1. Bella says:

    That is the best game ever! I love this photo. Thank you for sharing.

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