1. Arent they the cutest thing, I love spring time animal babies. I hope you can join in the WW fun!

    ❤Oh My Heartsie Reviews WW” w/Linky

  2. Kayte says:

    Ah…so cute…They have their own markings, which one is which? What does Lars think of all this anyway?

    1. Rebecca says:

      The one with the blacker face (in the top picture) is Darcy. The one with the “messy” forehead splash is Dory 🙂 Lars… well he’s a bit cautious of them, but I saw them sniffing noses today. I think he’ll be okay…

  3. Margaret says:

    SOoooo cute. Cannot believe how quickly they are growing!!

  4. vpfarming says:

    Beautiful kids. We have Nubians ourselves. The babies are such a joy.

    I’m a WordPress newbie – your blog was recommended to my by the ‘bots’ in charge. It must be the mutual interest in goats. Your photos are inspiring. Glad I found this site.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you! And thanks for reading.

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