All this and a mystery, too

Rainy day. I've been quite inclined to do very little. But the dog will have none of that. We walked in the rain, which is actually very fun, assuming 1) you abandon yourself to getting wet, and, 2) you can come home to dry, clean clothes. The walking gave me time to think about words… Continue reading All this and a mystery, too

Briefly, about the names

At the risk of boring you with baby goat blather, here's just one more. Then I'll be quiet. I'll try. Really. I just wanted to take a second to explain the origin of the names since a few people have asked. First of all, we are following the convention that many goat breeders use, which… Continue reading Briefly, about the names

One morning in May

We'd been on kid watch for a week, with Wellesley's due date this past Monday. I'd cleaned the kidding stall down to the bare floor, swept it clean, filled it with fresh bedding, and assembled the "kidding kit" with supplies we might need. Saturday afternoon, we read the changes in Wellesley's body (softened ligaments, raised… Continue reading One morning in May